Praise matters

  1. Thank God for His protection on all of us from evil.
  2. For God’s timely provision for ministry needs.
  3. God enabled to donate warm clothes for the elderly people in the winter season.
  4. For God has helped us to donate a few sewing machines to widows in a village.
  5. Helping our people to start house fellowships and construct two churches in Andhra Pradesh.
  6. For helping our children to do well in the school exams.
  7. For pastor Carl’s successful mission trip to African countries.

Prayer matters

  1. Pray for the work of the mission and co-laborers.
  2. Pray for the pioneer Gospel work in Bihar by Pastor Daniel and family.
  3. Pray for ten Bicycles for our field staff.
  4. Pray for the safety of the Christians in India.
  5. Pray for the financial needs of the children for their education for next academic year.
  6. Pray for God to raise young people to come up for Gospel work in villages.
  7. Pray for the financial needs of the new project of donating sewing machines to poor women, cycle-rickshaws to men, and fruit selling carts etc. to the young men in Indian villages and slums.

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